Sue Stewart

I began painting on 31st March 2009 at 10:30 am with my first lesson. My friend Anne Talbot agreed to give me 4 days of her unlimited attention and over those days we just had fun. We agreed that there were no rules and everything was an experiment. It triggered the ongoing enjoyment to keep experimenting and keep having fun. Since then I have taken one day workshops with Adrienne Pavelka, Gus Watson and Min Kim. I love each one's style, flair, colour and individuality.

Because I live amongst the most astounding landscape of Waikuku Beach I am profoundly influenced by it and all I really do is reproduce elements of what I see around me. I don't paint exact scenes but absorb it and then express it. However, sometimes I go off on another tack and illustrate something I have read. An artist is a very porous creature; open to influences and open of heart and mind to the public. When you exhibit, your heart and soul that have seeped out of you onto the paper, are out there for all to see.

We shouldn't measure our worth by the works we sell, but it is hard not to do just that. But what matters the most is being content and pleased by what we achieve.